Ronnie Maestas-Condos



My name is Ronnie Maestas-Condos and I am running for State Representative in Arizona Legislative District 14. This is my first time running for any sort of political office, and to many, who are more active and familiar with local politics, I am a dark horse. However in the coming months I hope to change that


I am Hispanic, female, born 70 years ago in Los Angeles, now living in Hereford, AZ with my spouse of 35 years, also female. I was raised by loving, working class parents with 8 siblings. My father, and many other relatives were strong union members. I also am a strong supporter of union representation and workers rights and have been an advocate and member of several unions in my working life.


  • My campaign is about representation. My job is to work for the people in my district, to be available to and listen to their concerns and issues and advocate for them at the state level.
  • The health crisis and the resultant economic disruptions will require innovative and creative solutions to bring our communities back to health. It will require vision, leadership and cooperation at the local and state level. I look forward to being a part of the solutions for the challenges ahead.
  • Our country is at war with itself. I bring a message of peace because it is the only way we will be able to create a future for ourselves and our children. We need to end the divisiveness and assert the values of inclusion, cooperation and community. This is what my election will be about.


Looking back, I point to my experience with unions where my activism had its beginnings, along with activism in the social movements of the early 70's. 

That is what I bring to the office I am attempting to fill, a concern about ordinary people and quality of life. It is this concern that is motivating me to run for state office.


Initially it was the epidemic gun violence we have all witnessed on national TV and the inability or unwillingness of our elected officials to act to protect the innocent that motivated me.

Now the list gets longer every day because the current power structure on the national, state, and local level seems mostly concerned with maintaining their positions of political and economic power and letting everyone else fend for themselves.


As I look back at prior administrations, there were grand sweeps of legislation that focused on protecting our environment, ensuring people had a living wage, health care, affordable housing, quality education for all, job training or accessibility to the job market, and much more. 

These programs were often supported by both parties. Sadly times have indeed changed, and not all for the better.


It looks like it will be up to us voters, the true bearers of democracy, to protect our democratic values and regard for life. 

I now humbly ask for your support and vote at the ballot box so I can do my part and serve you.