Ronnie Maestas-Condos

I am asking for your support at the ballot box to put forward a progressive agenda that is focused on concerns facing ordinary working people and families.



Reintroduce legislation in the House for "Red Flag Laws" that prevents those convicted of domestic abuse from possessing weapons.

Close loopholes that allow anyone to purchase guns at gun shows or online. 

Strengthen background checks and enforcement.


As we are all aware the current administration is seriously scaling back the protections that have been put in place by previous administrations to protect our water, our air and our national parks and monuments. Much will need to be done to restore these protections on a national level which will require putting people in office who care about what is happening.

On a local level the preservation of our water resources are a number one priority for me.

I would introduce and/or support legislation that calls for increased monitoring and regulation of this threatened resource.


 I wholeheartedly  support transitioning to a sustainable and renewable technology based economy as opposed to a fossil fuel based one.

I support legislation that requires utility companies and transportation companies to transition to more renewable solutions like renewable fuel for company fleets and implementing the infrastructure necessary to support this transition.

Offering tax credits to the public for implementing renewables


 I support tax dollar money going to support public education and any other revenue sources that are appropriate, like lottery sales or land trust sales. A quality education is the foundation of a prosperous and equitable society.  We should be proud and grateful for the literacy rate in our nation.

However, there is much work to be done in addressing the inequities that exist for different parts of our country, particularly for rural communities and low income inner cities. 

It is my priority to ensure we do all we can to address the inequities and shortfalls of our educational system like improving teacher compensation to attract and retain quality teachers, providing more funding for infrastructure and classroom support and supplies. 


 I support universal healthcare for all our citizens regardless of ability to pay. Nor should a persons health and security be dependent on the political climate at any given time.

We need a new economic model for providing national healthcare. The current free market one is not adequate to address healthcare issues because it is based mostly on profit and cost effective solutions, leaving out the human factor. All of us are witnessing how our health issues are being addressed with the current health threat.  Profit or loss thereof seem to be the main considerations and how they affect a politicians reelection..

This is wrong and we need to fix it. Kick the bums out! Medicare for All!


One of the first actions of the current administration was to give the wealthiest  among us a huge tax break, trillions of dollars. That spoke loudly to what their priorities would be and we were not wrong in assuming that.

In the words of Elizabeth Warren, that's fine for the wealthiest but what about the rest of us?  2 cents on the dollar over $50 million we could fund universal childcare for every child, we could raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, we could provide universal healthcare and affordable housing. We could offer loan forgiveness for college students and provide affordable higher education for all who choose it.

Lets do this!!

Workers Rights & Union Organizing

 I am a strong supporter of labor unions and all workers rights to organize in the work place.

We need to change Arizona's status as a so called "right to work" state, that's just a sneaky way of saying labor unions are not welcome here. I feel we need to do a whole educational campaign to educate the public about the advantages of worker organizing into collective bargaining units.

Labor Unions built America, it's time to rebuild America again with organized labor and passing legislation that supports this.


I am part of the LGBQT community and celebrated the day the Supreme Court knocked down the "Defence of Marriage Act", and allowed all people who wanted to marry to be able to make that legal choice regardless of sexual identification or orientation.

The far right is not done, they continue to attack hard won LGBTQ protections, undermine a woman's right to make decisions about her own body, attacking peoples rights to equality before the law and equal protections in employment and housing.

We need to elect people that support an Equal Justice agenda. I do and I will.